When is Black Friday 2022? When is Cyber Monday 2022?


If you're wondering when Black Friday is this year, let's not keep you waiting any longer.

This year Black Friday falls on the 25th November.

The day after Thanksgiving has traditionally been the start of the holiday shopping season, long before the term Black Friday became popular. Thanksgiving parades ended with the appearance of Santa Claus and Christmas advertising began.


Cyber Monday always falls on the Monday that follows Black Friday.

This year Cyber Monday falls on the 28th November.

Together with Black Friday, Cyber Monday makes for a full weekend of low-priced shopping. Traditionally, were geared towards high street shops and large retailers, but this left online retailers out of the loop, so Cyber Monday was introduced to focus specifically on online sales. Cyber Monday is especially famous for the bargain prices that retailers offer on the latest electronic gizmos and gadgets, so if you are in the market to upgrade your tech, Cyber Monday is the time to do it. Looking for future Cyber Monday dates?

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